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Sunrider® offers over 400 herbal-based health, beauty, fitness, weight-management, and household products based on the Philosophy of Regeneration® ... 100% plant-based, for over 30 years, in almost 50 countries, all products are made in USA.

- Concentrated pure whole food supplements that nourish and feed the body's systems with food and food-grade herbs.
- Healthy skincare and makeup that nourish the skin.
- Healthy cleaning and personal care products that are safe for you and the environment.
- Healthy weight management using whole foods.
- Sport Drinks for all active people.
- Great home income opportunity.

The Philosophy of Regeneration®
Sunrider products are based on the Philosophy of Regeneration®, the concept of properly nourishing and cleansing the five systems of the body with the right combination of nutrients to promote balance and optimal health.
This philosophy is distilled from thousands of years of Chinese herbal research and maintains that foods can help the body to stay balanced and healthy--the aim is not to cure disease but to keep the body at optimal health.

The Four Essential Principles:
1) Nourish + Cleanse = Balance
Sunrider® products nourish and cleanse the body to promote balance, and thus, optimal health.
2) Foods, Not Chemicals
Our bodies are designed to recognize foods, not chemicals such as protein powders and vitamin pills. Sunrider provides concentrated nutrients from whole-food sources with their life structures intact.
3) Variety
There is no perfect food or ingredient. Too much of anything can unbalance the body and even damage health. Sunrider provides foods made with a variety of all-natural ingredients for optimal nutrition.
4) Expertise in Formulation and Concentration
To manufacture his formulas, Dr. Chen has developed a
trade-secret process that extracts and concentrates the
beneficial qualities of an ingredient while minimizing
unwanted aspects. Thus, Sunrider® products are both safe and supremely effective.

I will help you navigate the choices and I'll provide you with on-going support on your health journey.

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Daniela Konieczny - Health Coach (English, Russian, Polish)
Sunrider Independent Business Owner (22+ years)

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