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At CanadaHomeMovies.com we are in the business of saving your precious memories. Using only the latest professional digital broadcast cameras and the best in transferring techniques we are saving peoples old 8mm, super 8, 16mm, and even VHS tapes, BetaMax and 8mm Tape.
Old Movie Film Conversions
Old movies fade. It's a fact of life. Your old 8mm home movies are in danger. The 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm old movie film with sound is usually stored in the basement or garage and are very likely fading or in danger from humidity, dirt, children, extreme cold, extreme heat and animals.
PLEASE let us help you save your memories. Our process will not only ensure your future generation will be able to see and hear you, but will in many cases improve the quality of the footage.
Very often our customers contact us because as they were going through their parents possessions they "found some reels." In some cases a grand parent is trying to "remember the old days." We are one of the few companies capable of converting over 1000 reels a month with the highest quality.
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Save your precious memories for future generations by having CanadaHomeMovies.com convert your 8mm to DVD, Super 8 to DVD, and 16mm to DVD.
The Process
When you visit our Toronto or Boca Raton studios you will be greeted by a knowledgeable customer service representative that will help you complete the order form and answer any of your questions.
Your 8mm to DVD, Super 8 to DVD, and 16mm to DVD orders are usually completed within
2 weeks.
Supervised by professional videographer Jean Marcotte, every single one of your 8mm to DVD, Super 8 to DVD, and 16mm to DVD are hand cleaned and scanned into Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.
Your 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm film is recorded directly into one of our custom designed computers. Once your footage is completely uploaded, one of our professional editors will manually go through your footage frame by frame where they would remove any leaders, splices, black spots, and create individual reel markers to identify each reel. Every frame of your footage is analyzed for sharpness, colour and clarity.
Corrections are made if needed. If you plan to edit the footage and have asked for an uncompressed version of your footage on MiniDV, Digital8, DVCAM or to your external hard drive we will output the footage accordingly. To produce your DVD we manually adjust settings to optimize your DVD compression. Where our competition is using low quality standalone DVD recorders, every DVD is converted to AVI and QuickTime source files then to MPEG-2 video and Dolby® Digital audio. Because we take the extra step of uploading all your footage directly into our computers, we can easily create custom authored DVDs. Authoring DVDs give you the additional flexibility to create detailed menus within your DVD project.
Who are we?
CanadaHomeMovies.com is in the business of saving your precious memories. Using only the latest professional digital broadcast cameras and the best in transferring techniques we are saving peoples old 8mm, Super 8,16mm film - VHS, 8mm, Hi8 and BetaMax tapes. We also convert 35mm slides, Negatives, all types of photos. Audio cassettes and even repair all tapes.
Located in Toronto and in Florida we have been transferring VHS, 8mm, Super 8 films and 16mm film for over 9 years.
Our customers come from:
Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax.
How to get your order to us?
If you live in Toronto and would like to ship your order we suggest using UPS and Fedex. We convert old film for people all over Canada and the USA.
We know both of the delivery guys at both offices very well and they understand that we deal with peoples life long memories. To date, we have NEVER had a problem with either company. Simply download our orderform from the front page of our site, courier the order to us and either Aaron, Alex or Chelsea will give you a call as soon as we have your order. They will confirm your needs, price and advise you as to when the order can be complete.
8mm, Super8, 16mm
8mm, Hi8, VHS,
MiniDV, Beta and
many others
Cassettes, LPs,
Micro Cassettes
35mm Slides,
Negatives, Photo
Restoration & Print
Web and DVD Video
Edited to your specs
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